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Littletown is so fortunate to have Alicia’s “Sew-it-All” classes. We miss her here in the S.F Bay area. Alicia is knowledgable, experienced, talented and patient. Her love of sewing is contagious. Alicia wants to share her love and fun of sewing for all ages and experiences. Alicia is so talented with the basics for beginners to the advanced design and creative projects. You can have fun and accomplish anything in Alicia’s classes.

Thank you so much for an awesome class today Alicia!

You kept everyone going on their projects and I never felt lost, overwhelmed or unattended to, even though everyone was working on different projects! You are amazing!

I loved your space and your upbeat attitude. I’m hoping our schedules will allow me to take another class soon!!!

What a great introduction to sewing!


My daughter and I have been taking lessons from Alicia over the past 6 months. Alicia is a gifted and compassionate teacher with lots of patience! She has made my daughter and I feel so confident about our skills and has made sewing class the definite “highlight” of our week!
We are so very grateful to have found Alicia and have her in our lives..she is amazing…we really appreciate all you do..Thanks Alicia!

I was looking for long, long time sewing classes in SF that were the right one for me, and I finally took out my dusty brand new sewing machine from the storage and went to adventure with Alicia in Sew-it-All, and I have to said it was a real pleasure experience and relaxing.  Alicia definitely is a real Educator, she keep you motivate all the time.  I call free frustration sewing room.  I see myself visiting Sew-it-all for long time.

I was really nervous dusting off my mum’s old Kenmore machine and trying to sew for the first time as an adult.  Alicia’s “get to know your machine” class was the perfect thing to get me pointed in the right direction.  She’s a very patient teacher, even when you’re making basic mistakes (as I was), and so lovely even working with varying machines in the same class.  She really knows her way around any machine, so don’t be scared to bring in an old one if it’s still running well!  I’d definitely recommend taking the basic machine course if you’re nervous about starting sewing!  It helps you get your footing and gives you the ability to troubleshoot all the common problems you’ll encounter during a project.

I took my first three classes from Alicia through CCSF at Fort Mason, and was really impressed with not only how knowledgeable and talented Alicia is, but also how patient and understanding she is with a wide range of sewing practitioners, from beginners to know-it-alls (here’s a tip: you don’t know it all, but Alicia sure does). There’s something particularly confidence-building about Alicia’s kindness and warmth, but the bedrock of her skills and experience are what bring you up, keep you sewing,  and get you to the finish line. Plus, her darling studio on Buchanan is a real treat, and a retreat!

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