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I was really nervous dusting off my mum’s old Kenmore machine and trying to sew for the first time as an adult.  Alicia’s “get to know your machine” class was the perfect thing to get me pointed in the right direction.  She’s a very patient teacher, even when you’re making basic mistakes (as I was), and so lovely even working with varying machines in the same class.  She really knows her way around any machine, so don’t be scared to bring in an old one if it’s still running well!  I’d definitely recommend taking the basic machine course if you’re nervous about starting sewing!  It helps you get your footing and gives you the ability to troubleshoot all the common problems you’ll encounter during a project.

I took my first three classes from Alicia through CCSF at Fort Mason, and was really impressed with not only how knowledgeable and talented Alicia is, but also how patient and understanding she is with a wide range of sewing practitioners, from beginners to know-it-alls (here’s a tip: you don’t know it all, but Alicia sure does). There’s something particularly confidence-building about Alicia’s kindness and warmth, but the bedrock of her skills and experience are what bring you up, keep you sewing,  and get you to the finish line. Plus, her darling studio on Buchanan is a real treat, and a retreat!

Hello sewers:

I just want to say that I have been taking classes from Alicia for around 5 years and have gone from being completely intimidated by the whole process to being able to do projects at home as confidently as I do them in Alicia’s classes.  I have made duvet covers, pillow covers, a dress and a couple of knit tops and have the abilities and confidence now to attempt to add two zippered pockets to a jacket I love to wear.

All of this is because Alicia is such a great teacher and confidence builder. 

I love her classes


Hello everyone

My experience at Sew-It-All with Alicia has been a complete and unconditional success.  Alicia is 100% helpful, encouraging, and you will always finish your project with her expert help.  She has taught for many years and will pass on her secrets to her students to help them get your project completed. 

I have completed many projects with her help and will be back to take more classes in her lovely studio. 

Alex Hatch

I smile each morning when I look at my husband wearing one of the night shirts I made for him at Sew-It-All!  He’s a man who has everything, so trying to create a special gift was a challenge.  Sewing the night shirts was NOT a challenge as Alicia was so helpful for this “many moons ago” seamstress.  Thanks Alicia for bringing a smile to my face each day!

Alicia is a caring and careful teacher who cares about the progress of her students and the outcome of the project they have chosen.  She pays attention to what you are doing, and never leaves you on your own for long especially if she thinks you might need help. I have taken a number of classes both at the studio and in her San Francisco City College Adult Education classes and have never been let down.

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